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FILM SCREENING: multiple works by Ashley (at ROXIE THEATER) - JUNE 20th 2PM

Please come and watch my films with me. I will be showing LUMA, HEMA and a special film PEEL (for my Father). 

RSVP REQUIRED by emailing 


LUMA (2014, California)
An audio-visual reconstruction of my dreams in the year 2011, Luma acts as my own personal, experimental method of meditation on film. A story of transformation from dependent female to independent female, this work documents a woman's journey towards finding herself while exploring themes of rebirth, reflection and out-of-body experience.

HEMA (2015, New York)
This particular work shines a positive light on the female body and the magical element within. Focusing on the intimate ritual of menstruation, Hema presents a fascination with blood and body through the eyes of a queer woman.