East Village Queer Film Festival
7:00 PM19:00

East Village Queer Film Festival

The East Village Queer Film Festival (EVQ) celebrates queer film in all it's glorious diversity. The festival, presented by the Wild Project in association with New York No Limits and hosted by Director Lola Rock’n’Rolla, embraces an inclusive Queer identity, featuring films that entertain, explore and promote queer-themed issues, work by and featuring LGBTQ artists, as well as work inspired by the expanded innovative and audacious downtown Queer avant garde. The festival seeks to become a positive space for building, growing and fostering the Queer film community and to serve an integral role ushering in the future of Queer film.

In addition to screenings of feature length films, shorts, webisodes and music videos, the unique “Future Cult Classics” category is included in the festival to highlight Queer B-Movies of all genres from Horror, Sci-fi, Exploitation, and more. The category will feature films by artists whose inspiration comes from the work of John Waters, Roger Corman, Wes Craven, Walter Hill, and by artists who root for the shark in JAWS.

The festival will be presenting the Golden Raspberry Award in the “Future Cult Classics” category as well as awards for Best Feature Film and Best Short Film.

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Chain Film Festival at Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn, NY)
6:00 PM18:00

Chain Film Festival at Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn, NY)

The 5th Annual Chain NYC Film Festival (Chain NYC) is known for celebrating personal stories and original ideas in a buzzing metropolis that's rich with stories of its own. The festival has proven to be an emerging festival to watch out for – in 2016 the festival screened more than 100 films and doubled in submission size and tripled in audience size. With the goal of sparking exciting dialogue between filmmakers and their audiences, Chain NYC comes alive this year for the first time for our first year in Brooklyn! 

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12:00 PM12:00


This party celebrates the launch of the Wild Project's Queer Film Initiative. The party will feature screenings of films curated and hosted by legendary B Movie Maven Lola Rocknrolla. Dates and details about the initiative's first annual East Village Queer Film Fest will be announced at the party. Wild Project's Queer Film Initiative is being presented in association with the New York No Limits Film Series.

Lola Rocknrolla (Queer Film Initiative Launch Curator) has written and directed six shorts, a rock musical, a TV pilot and a national PBS show. Her films have played in festivals worldwide, including OutFest (LA), Frameline (San Francisco), Feast (Sydney, Australia), New York Underground (NYC), Paris Film Festival (Paris, France), and Mix Brazil (Sao Paulo) and many more. Lola makes "Gaysploitation" and all of her films are indulgently high camp. "Dragzilla", "Night of the Living Gay", "I was a Tranny Werewolf", "Brunch", "Nefertitty" and her newest "Nefertitty in Space" keep the John Waters tradition of filth comedy alive. Lola wrote and directed "Homo The Musical" which has had three runs to date (The Wild Project, NYMTF) Lola is currently working on her feature length horror/comedy "The Supermarket".

The Wild Project (Producing Artistic Director Ana Mari de Quesada) is a theater, film, music, and visual arts venue that presents diverse, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining works to the vibrant and growing community of Alphabet City in New York’s East Village, while bringing together the artists and the environment in a unique way. Founded in 2007, the wild project is an innovator among arts venues, providing an eco-friendly theater and gallery where the artists and space nurture each other. The company is dedicated to creating an environment that supports the artists, and to cultivating artists that support the environment. With an eco-conscious approach to presenting the dynamic works of hundreds of emerging artists each year, the wild project offers an artistic and environmental education for patrons of all ages, interests, and incomes in its community.

New York No Limits Film Series (Co-Directors Robert Wagner and Thomas Escovar) is an ongoing collection of screenings that presents the best films from around the world in the most unique and dynamic arts city in the world. NYNL provides filmmakers the opportunity and support to explore innovative, taboo and diverse subjects. The goal of NYNL is multi layered and broad; to create a film program of the most genre diverse, multi cultural and visionary independent films from around the world. NYNL seeks to program films that reflect the essence of the filmmaker’s vision, daring in nature and imbued with stories that cross the line of commercial intent. Ultimately, NYNL wishes to give filmmakers who take profound leaps a platform while extending the boundaries and canvass of conventional film with programs showcasing the most daring visions in film today.

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4:20 PM16:20

Hanky Code: The Movie

Before Internet dating and hookup apps, The Handkerchief code was largely used by gay men in the 1970’s to distinguish sexual preferences and fetishes in gay clubs and on the streets of places like San Francisco and New York. In Hanky Code: The Movie, Periwinkle Cinema, San Francisco’s queer experimental film collective brings Queer and Trans filmmakers across a spectrum of genres, styles, genders, and locations to dissect the code in this epic anthology feature comprised of 25 short films! Each filmmaker or filmmaking team tells a story of a different color/fetish of the code. Films range from narrative to experimental to erotic and animated, with many films redefining the traditional code with colors, patterns, and fetishes up to creative interpretation of the artist.

Films Include:
Black - Flagging Black by Ivy Dykes
Grey- Grey Is For Bondage by Lorin Murphy
Light Blue, White Stripes by Lex Non Scripta
Blue Silver by Marie Walz
Light Blue by Ricky Lee
Teal Blue by Kolmel W Love and Alex Albers
Red by Caitlin Rose Sweet and André Azevedo
Maroon- HEMA by Ashley Monique George
Rose by Ilona Berger
Magenta by Gentry McShane
Purple by Anatomically Incorrect Doll and Char Vortryss
Lavender- L is For Lavender by Margarita Femmeinista
Yellow- Pee Colored by Katie Bush
Pale Yellow- Spit by Malic Amalya and Nathan Hill
Gold- 2 looking for 1 by Jamie Evelyn Manzi
Orange- Anything Goes by Stéphane Gérard
Apricot- Apricot 4 Apricot by Courtney Trouble
Lime- grrrl with the most cake by Jacqueline Mary and Violette Dentata
White Fur by Neve Be and Nikki Silver
Fur by M. O'Herlihy
Grey Flannel by Austin Boe
Silver Sequins- Flagging 4 Fashion by Moon Ray Ra
Kleenex by Kico Le Strange
Houndstooth- Mouth Wide Open by Siobhan Aluvalot
Indigenous Luvvv by Demian DinéYazhi
Credit sequence by Lisa Ganser
Theme Song by nomy lamm

Cum relax in the wilds of southern Oregon for a post Beltane screening of Hanky Code the movie. We will be showing it in the comunity room at the Muffin Top Mt. land project in Wolf Creek Or. Close to the Sancuary. Stay tuned for details!

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OUTsider Fest in Austin Texas (HANKY CODE screening!)
10:00 PM22:00

OUTsider Fest in Austin Texas (HANKY CODE screening!)

OUTsider is an Austin-based nonprofit organization that celebrates the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQI and Ally communities through the presentation of provocative, overlooked and out-of-the-box film, dance, theater, performance art, music, writing and visual art. Through its annual festival and conference, OUTsider unites queer artists, audiences and scholars from around the globe to exchange ideas, ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and experience new pleasures through artistic discovery.


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7:00 PM19:00


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Since its 2 sold out screenings at the San Francisco National Queer Arts Festival, Hanky Code: The Movie has screened to audiences in Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Berlin and at the MIX Festival in NYC. 

Before Internet dating and hookup apps, The Handkerchief code was largely used by gay men in the 1970’s to distinguish sexual preferences and fetishes in gay clubs and on the streets of places like San Francisco and New York. In Hanky Code: The Movie, Periwinkle Cinema, San Francisco’s queer experimental film collective brings Queer and Trans filmmakers across a spectrum of genres, styles, genders, and locations to dissect the code in this epic anthology feature comprised of 25 short films! Each filmmaker or filmmaking team tells a story of a different color/fetish of the code. Films range from narrative to experimental to erotic and animated, with many films redefining the traditional code with colors, patterns, and fetishes up to creative interpretation of the artist.

Films Include: 
Black - Flagging Black by Ivy Dykes
Grey- Grey Is For Bondage by Lorin Murphy
Light Blue, White Stripes by Lex Non Scripta
Blue Silver by Marie Walz
Light Blue by Ricky Lee
Teal Blue by Kolmel W Love and Alex Albers
Red by Caitlin Rose Sweet and André Azevedo
Maroon- HEMA by Ashley Monique George
Rose by Ilona Berger
Magenta by Gentry McShane
Purple by Anatomically Incorrect Doll and Char Vortryss
Lavender- L is For Lavender by Margarita Femmeinista
Yellow- Pee Colored by Katie Bush
Pale Yellow- Spit by Malic Amalya and Nathan Hill
Gold- 2 looking for 1 by Jamie Evelyn Manzi
Orange- Anything Goes by Stéphane Gérard
Apricot- Apricot 4 Apricot by Courtney Trouble
Lime- grrrl with the most cake by Jacqueline Mary and Violette Dentata
White Fur by Neve Be and Nikki Silver
Fur by M. O'Herlihy
Grey Flannel by Austin Boe
Silver Sequins- Flagging 4 Fashion by Moon Ray Ra
Kleenex by Kico Le Strange
Houndstooth- Mouth Wide Open by Siobhan Aluvalot
Indigenous Luvvv by Demian DinéYazhi
Credit sequence by Lisa Ganser
Theme Song by nomy lamm

$5-7(sliding scale) NOTAFLOF
*18 & Older (Adult Content)

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10:00 PM22:00


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HEMA is coming to Spain!!!




HIGHLIGHTS / Eventos destacados:

Workshop de cine experimental con Slawomir Milewski.
(Ganador Bideodromo 2014). 
Martes 22 y miécoles 23, de 10 a 14 y de 16 a 19 h en BilbaoArte. Inscripción obligatoria en mexmfest@yahoo.es 
Enviar CV y tlf. de contacto. Si estás realizando un video experimental trae tu trabajo, y si has realizado ya alguno, traelo también para su visionado durante el curso. Plazas limitadas.

Cocktail Cine Vasco Experimental.
Viernes 11 de Septiembre a las 19 h en BilbaoArte: 
"Nebulosas" 02'24. Alexander Urdiales (Euskadi)
"Adinak" 02'33. Aintzane Aranguena Oar-Arteta (Euskadi)
"Dinero negro" 01'58. Fermín Díez de Ulzurrun (Euskadi) 
"Evolución mecánica" 01'47. Sancho Ortiz de Lejarazu (Euskadi) "Pechos bien formados, ¿coincidencia?" 05'22. JaiDu (Euskadi) "Kara bi" 00'32. Luisa Montes Urrutxua (Euskadi) 
"W for bites" 13'50. Leire Egaña (Euskadi-UK) 
"Under the cobblestones" 19'12. Gabriela Tropia (UK) -basado en una coreografía de Moreno Solinas e Igor Urzelai- 
"Short lives in a large room" 00'59. Karlos Alastruey (Euskadi) 
"Tra la vita e il sonno" 21'34. Iñaki Sagastume (Euskadi)

Noveller. (Sarah Lipstate). Concierto y proyecciones
Miércoles 16 de Septiembre 20 en La Ribera (Mercado de la Ribera) Entrada libre. 

Proyección especial. 
Domingo 27 de Septiembre 19 en Sarean (Plaza Corazón de María)
"Las aventuras del príncipe achmed" con música en directo a cargo de VRILnoise. Dir: Lotte Reiniger/ Alemania / 1926 / 65 min
Es uno de los primeros largometrajes de animación en el que la directora se sirvió de sombras chinescas y de láminas de plomo para recrear una historia basada en Las mil y una noches.



2015/09/11      17:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.
Cocktail. Gala inaugural.

“Fólk hreyfingar stadir” 14’47. Jolene Mok & Troels Primdahl (Islandia)
This choreographic documentary shows a series of 'Interrelational Field Recordings' from Siglufjörður on the Northern coast of Iceland. Through an artless concept of repetitions and bodily gestures an anthropological portrait of the inhabitants in small fishing village gradually emerges.

“Hic sunt leones” 20’26. Jordi Bernadó (España)
John Isbig, un actor en su edad madura, está rodando una película sobre una prisión en Africa. En los descansos del rodaje siempre sigue interpretando su papel.

“Point of view” 02’26. Saša Tatić (Bosnia)
Confronting two eyes in a physical sense, that each in his field of vision abstracted each other, with an awareness that the observation of the same things do not necessarily have the same meaning for two individual personalities. The interpretation of what we see in a positive way can be painful for others, which is presented through the direct application of pain at the sight.

“Estudo do persistência” 02’00. Krefer (Brasil)
A collection of intimate mirror selfies found on the Web, all shot with the flash lights on, resulting in accidental light effects. These still images are then edited as a flickering slideshow that reflects upon contemporary relationships as they are mediated by technology.

“In the dreams of others” 05’05. Jennida Chase (USA)
In The Dreams of Others is a meta-fiction created by S/N, and is the first in a series of location responsive performances. Questioning the sway of cognitive and relational impact that location implicates, the narrative is loosely based on creating a narrative within imagined rituals specific to environment. A fragmented representation of a rural family, the artists inhabit a reality not their own, in the interest of pinpointing the reflection of space on identity.

“Capturing memories” 02’25. Emiliano Zucchini (Italia)
Try to reconstruct a memory of not lived places through photographs of abandoned houses. Try to communicate this operation through a graphic digital studio, starting from the “zero level” by interacting with computer graphics software.

“Her long nails” 04’39. Nausheen Javed (India)
The film is based on a personal poem, which talks about the fragments of a girl's life where she realizes who is the moral police in the society and the hypocrisy of the society's role in shaping her sexuality.

“Message” 04’50. Julia Kurek (Polonia)
I began to wonder about the limitations associated with communication, lack of agreement and understanding. On how different, various perception, reasoning, and consequently action can be understood and perceived by the public. Public reactions were different. As long as the people do not know that I crawl into the camera, they called the police and ambulance. When they saw the camera and realized that something going on. They start shout slogans: "Let us all crawl with her", "There are no rules, freedom is freedom."

“Imaginary city” 12’45. Julia Weißenberg (Alemania)
The video documents the time-consuming creation of a sand mandala.The completion took me four days, in the video the process is abbreviated to 12 minutes.The single motifs that make up the mandala, were taken from 3D visualizations of architectural designs. After the completion of the image, the sand is swept back together.

“T.O.T.” 04’00. Nigel Roberts (Nueva Zelanda)
This moving image installation is a metaphorical juxtaposition of the jarring impact that is set up when words, sounds and memories collide in a mélange that echoes the fission between the conscious and unconscious.
I evoke these interplays with the use of staged effect and the banal flickering of our peripheral vision that hint and suggest but never coalesce into clarity.
I propose a premonition of psychological trauma that is part of our emotive everyday and the tidal comings and goings of our cognition and subjectivity.

2015/09/11      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.
Cocktail. Gala cine vasco

“Nebulosas” 02’24. Alexander Urdiales (Euskadi)
Video experimental. Formas abstractas que se mueven fluyendo y mezclándose las unas con las otras generando texturas, formas, luces y sombras en un ambiente de misterio.

“Adinak” 02’33. Aintzane Aranguena Oar-Arteta (Euskadi)
Adinak, es poesía visual y sonora, es una metáfora del paso del tiempo en las personas, la belleza de envejecer, la voz del amor…

“Dinero negro” 01’58. Fermín Díez de Ulzurrun (Euskadi)
Entintado de dinero negro con rotulador permanente.

“Evolución mecánica” 01’47. Sancho Ortiz de Lejarazu (Euskadi)
Es un videoclip de una canción de lo que será el primer disco en solitario de Edu Omega.

“Pechos bien formados, ¿coincidencia?” 05’22. JaiDu (Euskadi)
Este video performance hace referencia al poder de los símbolos (arquetipos), que a su vez son formas y a su vez son números. Estos símbolos, como bien explicó C.G. Jung, han dominado nuestras vidas desde el origen porque son parte de nuestro inconsciente colectivo y han determinado lo que es bello o bueno y lo que es feo o malo. Así, las religiones y los gobiernos los han utilizado a lo largo de toda la historia para crear efectos resonantes que manipulen la conciencia de la sociedad.

“Kara bi” 00’32. Luisa Montes Urrutxua (Euskadi)
Yo no sé que tienes que cada día me gustas más.

“W for bites” 13’50. Leire Egaña (Euskadi-UK)
Absurd satire about a job interview in a fast food restaurant corporation.

“Under the cobblestones” 19’12. Gabriela Tropia (UK)
Under the Cobblestones is a film about protest, freedom of speech and repression. It follows a broken generation struggling to get their voices heard. Directed by dance filmmaker Gabriela Tropia, based on a choreography by Work Place Artists Moreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai, and with soundtrack by World Champion Beatboxer Bellatrix, the film was shot at Heygate Estate, a subculture hub which has since then been knocked down. Under the Cobblestones is a subversive film. It makes use of dance and the moving body to provoke discussions on how we talk about and practice politics.

“Short lives in a large room” 00’59. Karlos Alastruey (Euskadi)
A teenage girl talks us about human contradictions

“Tra la vita e il sonno” 21’34. Iñaki Sagastume (Euskadi)
A time-space where oscillating forces are let loose. Somewhere between life and sleep, light and darkness.


2015/09/12      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.


“Herbaceous perennials” 03’41. Kate Burgener (Suiza)
Herbaceous perennials focus on different perception patterns, surrounded with sea, waves, rocks, pines, forest paths and herbaceous perrenials; a veiled person watching without seeing, combined with the sound of a dying swan; a secret observation of someone lost in thoughts, summing a strange song, suddenly becoming aware of his lurker, feeling caught and gazing into the camera. A young girl running throught the forest towards the audience, finally in eye contact but slipping away at the end. A different approach follows the memory, combining both, a playful light heartedness and threat.

“Typescript” 03’19. Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer (Hungría)
After an important decision an author takes a cosmic journey between sleep and awake.

“Mimic” 01’40. Mark Langley (UK)
‘Mimic’ takes as its starting point a simple question….’ what if a birds song was a drawing?’ The answer to this question became the making of a film where a solitary birdsong is transcribed into a rather hypnotic ‘shadow drawing’. Deceptively simple in approach, this ‘drawing’ plays ingeniously with a range of ambiguities as the pen strangely mimics the chirping of a bird. The shadow of the hand with it’s flinching, almost staccato movement seems to take on rather birdlike behaviour as it composes an instinctual ‘sonic graffiti’, weaving and then slowly deconstructing a delicate ‘calligraphic nest of sounds’.

“Diphtongs” 07’50. Tusia Dabrowska (Polonia-USA)
Diphtongs is a personal story of e/immigration and becoming the so-called Generation 1.5. Since the word for homeland takes on masculine or feminine forms depending on language, the video is divided into FATHERLAND and MOTHERLAND. The narrative explores the cultural constructs of belonging, civil disobedience, and shared language.

“Evocaciones. Retrato de mi madre” 03’36. María Elorza (España)
Cuando mi madre dejó Cerdeña, su abuela le pidió que la perdonara si alguna vez la había ofendido. Era una fórmula que usaban los ancianos para decir adiós.

“Loin of loam” 10’25. Mimi Kelly (Australia)
Loin of Loam is an experimental film set in the lush natural setting of the Australian New South Wales south coast river and bush landscape. It depicts a surreal coming together of two opposing female character types. Collectively the artwork works through a series of issues pertaining to gender representation, attraction and repulsion, fear and desire, and the external manifestation of internal pathologies in all their disturbing glory.

“IrIs 2.0” 02’00. Isabela Gresser (Alemania)
Originally she is called Lucretia, but I call her IrIs - scanned and beautified in the name of a new religion. In the digital age and within a media society, violence and manipulation is more and more directed against oneself.

“Run rabbit” 07’16. Nigel Slight (UK)
Fatalism, irony and wit drive the narratives and formal characteristics of my practice, which is underpinned by a love of early European cinema and German Expressionist film in particular. References to the works of Carl Theodore Drayer,  F.W.Murnou, Fritz Lang and G. W. Pabsthave been of critical importance to the developmentmy video performance works.
Run Rabbit’ was a Second World War song made famous by Flannagen& Allen, which I have transformed into a dystopian nursery rhyme.

“Altération de la voix” 01’59. Wednesday Kim (USA)
When boys arrive at puberty there's changes in their bodies. It might makes them into an unwelcome involuntary thoughts, and images and that may become an obseesion or feel difficult to manage.

“In abwesenheit” 10’00. Beate Hecher & Markus Keim (Austria)
In Abwesenheit/In Absentia is the cinematic reconstruction of a performance which was intended to be staged in Damascus together with Syrian artists. Because the local political situation in Syria increasingly worsened in 2011, the performance never took place as planned. The two directors then decided to re-enact the performance in the Egyptian desert, 1000 km southwest of Syria and in the absense of the Syrian artists.
The result is a film that shows the fragility of a human body, and the mirage-like disappearance of humans in politically precarious situations.

“No more women’s land” 07’44. Johannes Gérard (Taiwan)
No More Woman´s Land focus on one aspect of the Siraya Culture. One of the indigenous lowland tribes once settled in the Tainan area of Taiwan. It deals in a very metaphorical way with the once matrilineal society system the Siraya´s practiced. The land was owned by the women and a man married into the bride’s family for example. Their society system broke up and vanish at the end, by the way Siraya culture was absorbed into the Han-Chinese patriarchal orientated society system.

“Gda-Gda” 08’21. Aleksandr Svirsky (Rusia)
A story of a boy who has fallen into a flow of events, which he can't comprehend. This flow carries him from one point to another. This story about a war in a heart and about war's heart.

“Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile” 02’52. Sandra Araújo (Portugal)
Popular, Fun, Mocking, Sampling, Fado, Joke.

“BDSM” 07’00. Rhine Bernardino (Filipinas)
Suffering seems to be easily recognized and categorized within the standard norms of society. However, it can also be subjective, personal and unique to every individual. The artist looks directly into the camera, or into nothingness, finding refuge in the pleasure of suffering and the ecstasy of suppression, stretching the scope of her own personal aches and frustrations.
In BDSM the artist also highlights the inescapable aches of contemporary urban life – the excess garbage is a direct result of the relentless economic growth cities depend upon, and the filth a symbol of empathetic failure brought about by urban anomie.


2015/09/13      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.

“Orange Confucius” 1’13’04. Frank Fu (China)
Orange Confucius is a multiply doubled adventure into the very nature of cinema. Combining macro and micro world-views, labour and therapeutics – the film tracks a real journey and a real love affair, yet it does this via parallel forays in and out of a radically fictional dimension. Mythological and religious, performative and ritualistic, it locates the brevity of time in eternal echoes, redemption in embodiment. The lovers travel as if magical cosmic twins; but their earthbound existence induces recurring distraction, ill health, and indifference. Resolution comes, but it too is multiply doubled.

2015/09/14      17:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

“The fragile” 11’01. Carolin Koss (Finlandia)
The Fragile is a fictive short film about a person who lives in a broken world, which poisons and slowly suffocates him. He dives deep into his sub-consciousness, to go on a journey where he grows hope in a secret garden and tries to breath again.
In a time where the air we breathe becomes more and more toxic, our oceans fill with plastic waste, our bodies struggle with processed food, I wish to draw attention to such issues I believe are urgent and should concern us all.

“Chiaroscuro” 07’48. Daniel Drummond (USA)
In a desolate place, a discovery by a mysterious entity sets in motion a chase through abstract space. As two organisms compete for the one light amid the darkness, their story reveals the volatile nature of power. "Chiaroscuro" is an exercise in minimalist aesthetics and visual storytelling. An open narrative, where it is up to the audience to connect the dots.

“The sound of road” 02’25. Barzan Rostami (Iran)
The story is about fake loves. A boy and a girl meet each other in the street. After a while they get married. After a period of time living together and having some conflict they have a baby. In spite of the conflict they get divorced. As a result the child is wondering which one to choose, dad or mom, the child neither chooses dad nor mom, the child chooses the way which leads to vague fate…

“The boudoir” 02’20. David Latreille (Canadá)
The Boudoir. A two minutes short film about a young woman experiencing music through a psychotic phase. A musical experimental short film to the sounds of Apex Martin.

“Mystery train” 03’42. Barbara Staulus (Canadá)
Mystery Train is an experimental video that explores the enigma of travel by train in relation to cinematic tropes of femininity. The video was created from footage and sound from the 1946 Sherlock Holmes film “Terror by Night.” Stock footage of speeding trains is interspersed with shots of a young, beautiful, and suspicious female character who occupies a private compartment on the train. The stock footage originally functioned as a reminder of the setting of the film, and worked to move the narrative forward in time. In Mystery Train it becomes evident that the setting is not one train, but many. Seemingly confined to her compartment, the woman repeatedly opens and closes the drapes and doors. Although moving through time and space, she is stuck in a limited range of movements, reflecting her status as female and working class.

“Peacock” 20’07. Stefan Adamski (Polonia)
A film about a man entangled in between his film and erotic fascinations. It has been shot in locations from cult european and american films.

“Time has peeled back the skin of things” 03’07. Ann Prim (USA)
Melded sound and image form a poetic dialectic that honors the ‘logic of fallacy’ as it might occur in a dream.

“Ghosts world” 04’51. Jérôme Boulbès (Francia-Japón)
Roving with light and shadows, between destructions to come and constructions that were. A game of attraction and repulsion with gravity and matter.
“Ghosts World” is a collaboration with experimental blues/rock duo O’death Jug (Michel Henritzi, Christophe Langlade). It is the first installment of a larger project about experimental and alternative musicians.

“Pastiche vol1 nº1” 04’57. Ned Daly (USA)
Pastiche Vol 1 No1 is the first release by actor-turned-video artist Ned Daly. In this transgressive multi-media work, Daly combines a kind of “found poetry” (the opening/closing lines of novels by authors as varied as Samuel Beckett and Toni Morrison) with appropriated images from the American film noir canon.
Based on Daly’s edgy graphic novel of the same name, the bizarrely unrelated text elements are knit together with sound and image to make a new work none of the original authors could have conceived of.
Early viewers have called it “macabre”, “enthralling”, and “something you can watch on (the) phone while hanging onto the pole on the metro to work.” Pastiche has already been compared to the works of David Lynch and Pedro Almodovar.

“Oneiria” 03’52. Jeroen Cluckers (Bélgica)
Distorted memories from an imaginative zone known as “Oneiria”.
In our high-tech world, unpredictable behaviour from technology is often perceived as negative. These glitches however – ‘the ghost in the machine’ – can be a starting point to expand the possibilities of image production in the digital age. Oneiria uses datamoshing, a technique in which digital video images are deliberately made unstable, and found footage in different formats (digital HD, VHS, Super 8, …) is literally used as paint, smearing images to create painterly, abstract, dreamlike landscapes.

“Just a minute” 01’20. Allison Beda (Canadá)
Just A Minute is the 'dance' of a woman (Jennifer Clarke) stuck in the rat race of urban existence.
The short celebrates the beauty of the mundane and explores the importance of reflection and pause.

“The crossing (Houglass)” 08’06. Scott F. Hall (USA)
“The Crossing (Hourglass)” features four dancers posing and moving in a sacro-idyllic setting that appears to be the crossing and altar of a roofless church. The effect of ritual is enhanced by the precision of their movements, their classicizing attire, their solemn expressions, and the stark feeling of high contrast black and white stop-motion photography. These combine to reveal the poignancy of the dance as it unfolds.

“Hole” 05’15. Fran Sokolić (Croacia)
As much as the human eye was perfect we still do not see what is happening below the surface when an object hit into. just as we do not see how sound affects the waves that occur on the surface and below it.


2015/09/14      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

“Rain painting” 06’04. Ann Deborah Levy (USA)
In the spirit of a "city symphony" but set in the quiet countryside, landscapes are seen from car windows as raindrops, striking the glass, “paint” what is beyond in a variety of textures and moods. Three realities are represented: the landscape viewed through the window, rain patterns on the window surface, and the space inside the car. Each of the first two realities becomes visible depending on where the camera is focused, the third becomes present when parts of the vehicle, the mirrors and wipers, are revealed and when the rain quiets and sounds made inside are heard.

“Warm rush” 03’36. Kira Bursky (USA)
Miss Whimsy’s song “Warm Rush” brings us on a journey to discover how Miss Whimsy turned into a volcano.

“Damn volvoxes” 01’00. Arthur Omarov (Rusia)
Which important themes people usually discuss at 5 AM, when even the Armageddon behind the window can't get their attention?

“Iterations” 05’37. Gregg Biermann (USA)
A scene from Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" is julienned, with each vertical slice reverberating out in time from a central moment.

“How to build a terrarium” 15’26. Emma Piper-Burket (Chequia)
It is Springtime in Prague. A foreigner, new to the city, must navigate the winding bureaucracy of the Czech Postal Service in order to retrieve a package. A state of mind docu-fiction film about a young woman's quest to become the master of her own universe.

“Without a soul” 03’00. Gio Lingao (Filipinas)
Without A Soul is an experimental visual poem composed of black and white images of a bedridden man and his thoughts about existence.

“IN-ner space revisited” 06’59. Daz Disley & Fenia Kotsopoulou (UK-Grecia)
"Abandoned place with layers of colour : each room a different silent story.
The wind comes in through broken windows as outside birds are singing.
Inside: I hear my breath, my steps.
I am alone here and my heart beats fast so I dance.
I dance with my fears."

“L’amour en cinq parties” 07’54. Joshua Provost (USA)
A light-hearted examination of the nature of love through objects, themes, concepts, repetition, and analysis.

“Uber memoria XIX. Part: III” 08’33. Shaun Wilson (Australia)
Uber Memoria XIX: Part III is the third of five works where actors and friends mimic poses of characters found in 800 year old German medieval paintings which play out a 'memory' of the original artworks. 
Music by Moby under licence.

“Thought jams” 06’02. Anita Spooner (Australia)
Thought Jams is an abstract audio-visual portrait of Melbourne musician Daphne Shum at the brink of a psychological and sensory overload. The video celebrates contradictory impulses and free association, where the abject invades the banal in a choppy stream of consciousness.

“The pacific parlour” 00’30. Dave Merson Hess (USA)
Created with a late-night voicemail as a starting point, this slice-of-life, documentary short-short was animated completely by hand using paper cut-outs and watercolor on glass, and was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone. "The Pacific Parlour" was produced as part of the multimedia train-trip travelogue, Down For Whatever, and appeared in paper form as part of a limited edition flipbook/essay-book designed and published via onestar press' BOOK MACHINE (Houston). The Down For Whatever book was available for flipping/reading during the BOOK MACHINE show at Blaffer Art Museum, and is now part of the reference section of the William R. Jenkins Architecture & Art Library at the University of Houston.

“Forget the manhole, the death and the holes” 01’38. Hyerim Lee (Corea)
Witnessed the scene of crime when I was younger than 7. The manhole had a woman.
Meanwhile, Korean ancestors made 7 holes on coffins to make souls free through them.
The manhole has me.
To live, had my own tiny box with holes.
The holes became the matrix of everything.
Nevertheless, try to forget the manhole, the death and the holes through the 7 holes.

“My enemies” 02’50. Vasilis Karvounis (Grecia)
"I am in a dark situation and all I can say is that I am looking forward to our congress as to the slacking of hunger and thirst."
(Fotini Tsalikoglou, excerpt from the novel, I Martha Freud).
In his aim to interpret how the unconscious works, Freud suggested that it is distinguished by a structure that is divided into three parts, the Id the Ego and the Superego. The Id represents the motivations, instincts and biological needs and is inherent from birth. The notion of the Ego is the logical part, it is not innate but it is cultivated through the accumulated experience. The Superego represents all the ethical and social values of the individual, being somehow a moral conscience. He also expressed that the interrelation of the three aforementioned parts define an individual's mental state. The project “My enemies” has as basic references Freud, Beckett and the theatre of the absurd conveying the three mental parts as real and divisive situations. The video shows three characters that discuss and collide with each other creating language games in an environment with a banquet character.

“Super void” 03’05. El Zoid (Italia)
An experiment with Kodachrome 40, a moving texture or an epic fail.
Made by two old broker film cameras, 2 reels of expired Kodachrome and developed with Caffenol C at home.
The video is the result of two overlapping projections, digitalized by a digital camera.

“The pen that writes with no line” 07’16. Hana Kim (Alemania)
At first the viewer is able to relish in the mischevious visual landscape presented in this film.
However a voice is soon heard that disrupts this atmosphere.
As the sad story of XX and XY is introduced. In the beginning the narrator speaks in a familiar tone with the audience, but as the film continues her words turn to slander. As this occurs the story of XX and XY develops into bitter discord, as the sweet secret of XX and the cruel thoughts of the storyteller melt together.

2015/09/15      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.

“Avanced doodling” 09’34. Mike Cantor (USA)
Two years, twenty artists, and too much spare time. Add cameras and stir: a day-glo stop-motion odyssey.

“Kuti Khanti” 04’04. Simone Saibene (Italia-España)
Kuti Khanti is a visual reflection, in the crater of the Greek island of Nysiros, from a quote from Anton Chekhov “Maybe our universe is in the tooth of some giant”.

“Jealous guy” 04’42. Ulf Kristiansen (Noruega)
A 3d animated short film. Vladimir Putin has seen the error of his ways, and is genuinely repentant of his anti-gay policies. Together with "The Pussy Bears" he has organized a concert on the Red Square.
Musical score arranged and performed by Michael Chang.

“Stream – Explore the unseen” 05’20. Roman De Giuli (Alemania)
The idea of STREAM was to stage the genesis of a tiny universe which only exists for a very short time on a glass plate and then dissolves into a messy stream of oil, ink and water.

“AD REM – Girl (social advertising)” 01’00. Bartosz Kruhlik (Polonia)
Social Advertising for Polish association “AD REM” working for children and adolescents from difficult families.

“Retail therapy” 04’33. Marko Schiefelbein (Alemania)
RETAIL THERAPY is a reenactment of commercials from the 80s that were named to be memorable for several people who are affected by a compulsive buying disorder. On the contrary to the originals the spoken text was replaced by the artist with confessions from interviews of shopping addicts. The work RETAIL THERAPY asks in what way and to what extent compulsive buying disorder is triggered buy the advertising industry.

“XYX” 03’43. Kate Dobrysh & Saša Ignatovič (Eslovenia)
What is human body? Why some parts of ours bodies we consider to be attractive and some we are ashamed of? What does the perception of our own bodies depends on and whom our bodies belong to?

“Nonobjective cinema” 02’14. Blanca Rego (España)
"Nonobjective Cinema" is a homage to "Color Sequence" (1943) by Dwinell Grant, a research into color rhythms and perceptual phenomena. Images were generated from Grant's film through a data bending process. The soundtrack was composed from the same files saved as audio, so what you see is what you hear.

“Hoc est corpus meum” 16’50. Benjamin Zuber (Alemania)
In a Baroque church, a number of ritual-actions are perforned, all at once reminding of both Christian liturgy and sports events, of dance choreographies, pop culture and fashion. With its opulent, painting-like imagery and its numerous references to fine arts and film, the scenario defies definition and tiptoes around the fine line between humor and pathos. The tableauesque impression notwithstanding, the actions still remain performative; this is because of the ever present fact that – regardless of the number of protagonists on screen – there is only one actor as well as all technical requirements are taken care of by this very person, too. So completely being by oneself during the shooting simultaneously determines and enables the whole process.

“Why independent directors don’t invite actress…” 12’27. Jae Won Kim & Bo Ra Kim (Corea)
Actress Bora heard the news that her film will be played in the film festival from other peoples.
So, She won’t tell him, buy tickets by herself, and go to film festival with a camera.

“Art critics” 02’36. Sal Strom (USA)
Three Art Critics got together to discussion the artwork of three residents artwork after open studio at Horned Dorset Colony in Leonardsville, NY.
The Audio for this Video was collaboration between three semi-intoxicated Artists. After the public exhibition in a big beautiful farmhouse at Horned Dorset Colony in Leonardsville, NY. Three residence each brought in one piece of their artwork. Using the “Art Theory Language Babble” we critiqued each other’s work.

2015/09/16      20:00 h. dohainik gratis.
La Ribera. Ribera, 20. Bilbao.
Concierto de Noveller y proyecciones de Sarah Lipstate.

2015/09/17      19:30 h. dohainik gratis.
Institut Français. Paseo Campo Volantín, 23. Bilbao.
Cine y video experimental francófono.

“Un.reality” 00’55. Sandrine Deumier & Alx P.op (Francia)
Staging a virtual character confronted with its own irreality, Un.reality juxtaposes virtual codes and programs of reality in a kind of fantasized screen which acts as border between two worlds.

“(Rêve) d’un pays éloigné” 10’19. Muriel Montini (Francia)
Fragments of a film, fragments of a summer.

“Insight” 01’03. Marta Daeuble (Francia)
Stop motion animation inviting the viewer to the journey of inside of a sight.

“Entre les lignes - prologue” 02’41. Pierre Ajavon (Francia)
“Between the lines – prologue” is the prelude to a road movie which travels across the realm of our feelings and experiences through different stages of a sensorial journey beyond the lines.

“Ana” 1’04’31. Frederick Maheux (Canadá)
ANA is an experimental proto-found footage occult document.
Story: an individual investigating the disappearances of several female identities from the Internet. The missing women appear in encrypted and hidden videos over the web, leading the protagonist in an esoteric puzzle he tries to decipher.
Underneath this structure lies a reflection about our curiosity towards the spectacle of self-destruction. It incorporates the existence of real marginal communities on the Internet, such as pro-ana/pro-mia (pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia), and the aesthetic surrounding them: glitch, VHS, selfies, references to fashion etc.


2015/09/18      17:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

“Athena” 05’37. John Tsambazis (Australia)
A tourist got more than what he bargained for when he visited the Parthenon at the Acropolis.

“Cut ups” 08’00. Tasos Konstantopoulos (Grecia)
Extracts from an internal conflict between the fear of error and its acceptance. A bid, the next day will not be the same.

“Kaotika” 05’21. Yiğit Küçükkibar (Turquía)
There are elements like sun and water which sustain life. All living things are in need of these two. They capture the sun and water in a zone called ‘Kaotika’. People are born and live in a place. This place could be not only his/her house or shelter but also the city s/he lives in. Kaotika calls cities and rooms a zone. This zone is where people are together. Each and every new-born man and woman fall in this zone. This zone is where rotten generations grow. And like a broken egg, every child leads his /her life within this place. All the generations which follow one another are rotten and just there to sustain life.

“Scratch tornado” 01’25. Robert Lyons (USA)
This was my first test of a Celestron Digital Microscope. The subject of magnification is 4 frames of 35mm motion picture color film that had previously been drawn, painted, and scratched on, ala cameraless animation techniques. By moving the tiny clip of film by hand under the microscope and capturing the images through Dragonframe stop motion software, I was able to create a miniature whirlwind of light and color.
The music is "B3" by the Adrian Belew Power Trio.

“Ham over rice” 03’39. Ying Liu (USA)
Rapidly moving through a series of associative images, visual puns and plays on words, HAM OVER RICE combines live action, animation, pictorial text, narration and sound to play off of the Chinese myth of the god Houyi, an archer who saves the world but loses his immortality.

“Burn the sea” 02’58. Maria Gyarmati (Rusia)
"Burn the sea" is an experimental short film shooted in St Petersburg on Neva river in the most wide part of it in the city. Actors in the movie are contemporary dancers and professional singer. Dancers and the sea are the one, they dance and move like waves and nature. They steal the singer girl to their world and burn the sea with her red hair. Its all about invisible unity of our spirits and nature elements, about under-mind beauty.

“Stories from the wars” 05’10. Freja Andersson (Suecia)
100 years have passed since the beginning of World War 1, 75 years since the beginning of the second. In a world where the ongoing wars are shielded away from the European adults and youths who never experienced war, questions of whose wars we remember arises.

“The betrayal” 05’40. Susan Young (UK)
A disturbing film about a doctor-patient relationship that goes catastrophically wrong. Legal texts and medical records interwoven with pulsing pills tell a story of addictive, emotional enmeshment.

“Espejos rotos” 04’59. Nacho Recio (España)
In our typical traditionalist society, ‘broken mirrors’ meant to be a celebration of the purest, an ode to the most beautiful and neat eroticism, an invitation to break the social mirror that make us copies of beauty imposed and less authentic.
In short, broken mirrors is presented as a visual experimentation in the search for our own internal reality to get away from the absurd social rules established by a consuming society that continually tries to keep our dreams 'misplaced'.

“Stanz” 02’38. Filmgruppe Chaos (Alemania)
The world sucks. Dance!
(no computer effects. all done by hand. punch holes and drawings on 16mm negative)

“Dieperick” 04’38. Jacky De Groen (Bélgica)
A diver in an endless sea, an astronaut lost in deep space.

“Sexy” 00’59. Susanne Wawra (Alemania)
"Sexy" is a video of the mouths of two women saying the chorus of a song by German singer Marius Müller Westernhagen. The lyrics of this song are a bit raunchy and suggestive. This is heightened by using the mouths of mature women, challenging the perceptions of sexuality and age.

“White mushroom, black earth” 10’30. Mengxi Rao (China)
Asuka is coming back to New York and Nate is going to make her mushroom soup. Where to find the best mushroom in New York City? A doc/fiction piece that took place at the landscape installation 'The New York Earth Room' and its context New York SoHo, featuring art, perception and lifestyle.

“White sugar” 13’14. Francesca Fini (Italia)
WHITE SUGAR is a surreal film that narratively and graphically elaborates archival material in the public domain. I selected this material in the course of careful research. I focused in particular on the female figure that is ubiquitous within this linguistic universe, as a sort of granite spokesman of a specific cultural model she apparently adheres without shadows and without uncertainty. A universe that has a very precise historical flavor and that, for some sort of magical projection in space and time, seems to actually tell our time. I've isolated these female figurines, literally cutting them out of their context as paper dolls, and then I reassembled them into a new digital space made in 3d. In this transfer the "dolls" lose their connection not only with the narrative context but also the spatial structure in which they "lived" originally, assuming new meanings that crack their role as ambassadors of a granitic and dominant culture. The video revolves around the spooky theme of hypnosis and lucid dreaming, as a representation of western cultural model that is "white sugar", an artificial and addictive chemical pleasure, altering taste and perception. The graphics are best with anaglyph glasses.

“1000 plateaus (2004-2014)” 03’22. Steven Woloshen (Canadá)
Made entirely in the front seat of a car with simple art tools, this short hand-made film celebrates the joy of road maps, travel and jazz music.


2015/09/18      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

“Magnificent kaaboom!” 09’35. Zachary Whitmore (USA)
Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will mark the resurgence of the cartoon. When the world has been shaven by a drunken barber, Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will grab planet earth by the throat, forcing it to heal, no longer aimlessly wondering like the last mosquito of fall attempting to flutter away and out run the season of winter. Akin to Dorothy walking through the threshold of gray into a universe of color, Magnificent Kaaboom!!!will power the elements of communication and entertainment to regain their attention spans. In a cereal bowl full of memories, Magnificent Kaaboom!!!will be the marsh mellows - the best part.

“TUB” 07’45. Gloria Endres de Oliveira (Alemania)
Tub is an 8-minute experimental short film, written, directed and edited by Gloria Endres de Oliveira and starring Melissa-Kelly Franklin.
It is based on & influenced by: Shakespeare’s Ophelia and her Pre-Raphaelite depictions; 19th century asylums for women & their treatment form for hysteria called Hydrotherapy; Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid; found footage horror films; Jung’s and Freud’s models of dream interpretation; the footage of Laura Palmer & Donna at a picnic in Twin Peaks & the Japanese, Korean and American screen adaptations of Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu.

“Seeing red” 05’06. Darren Green (UK)
Skarlett is tired and stressed after a hard day at the office - she has a crush on the guy who deliveries the office sandwiches she is meeting him tonight and has offered to cook a meal hoping this will lead to something more. - Skarlett cannot cook.
Erik has not really tried hard at grown up life, works at his dad's sandwich firm and can't believe it when he receives a parcel suggesting a meet up from the girl he met last week while out on deliveries. Erik decides he's going for broke and plans to meet her. Erik is very disorganised.
Anger gives way to passion for Erik and Skarlett as the colour red plays havoc with their emotions.

“Soil” 04’18. Abbey Sacks (USA)
An experimental music video for the song "Dark Matter" by Keara Dooley.

“Refill-free” 04’44. Maryam Katanforoush (Iran)
Milked/drained from the dailiness of a vocalic story (an experience to a sound installation -based animation .trying to value the sound line before visual part in dramatizing)

“i.will.know.you (The scream)” 14’56. Florina Titz (Rumanía)
A visceral exploration of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" following the trials of a Romanian philanderer named Momo from one brain hemisphere to another.

“Ground London” 07’41. Dustin Morrow (USA)
"Ground London" is an experimental documentary that explores the British capital at the intersections of three types of geography: urban geography, cultural geography, and psychogeography. Its employment of a specific point-of-view, locked in photography that never gets more than three inches off the ground, along with heavy manipulation of both sound and image, exposes a London seldom examined: a city that moves poetically and with great order when observed slowly and in minute detail. This city, perhaps the most culturally important in the world (certainly among the most economically and politically central) moves fast. Moving through it during the summer, when the tourists add untold numbers to the population fighting to traverse the sidewalks, streets, parks and stores, is a challenge. Chaos seems to reign alongside the Queen.

“Dubai lovescape” 04’58. Arkus (Emiratos Arabes Unidos)
A semi-fictional tale showcasing the adaptive nature of love which corresponds to the ever transforming city of Dubai.

“Simulacra” 03’56. Theo Tagholm (UK)
Simulacra of nature.
"Today abstraction is no longer that of the map, the double, the mirror, or the concept. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being, or a substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal. The territory no longer precedes the map , nor does it survive it. It is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory - procession of simulacra - that engenders the territory, and if one must return to the fable, today it is the territory whose shreds slowly rot across the extent of the map. It is the real, and not the map, whose vestiges persist here and there in the deserts that are no longer those of the Empire, but ours. The desert of the real itself."

“Samba é madeira” 01’04. Fernanda Vogas & Xabier Monreal (Brasil)
The musical production on daily act.

“Sacred circle” 03’18. Rachel Wagner (USA)
This video mandala provides a meditative and hypnotizing experience of patterns, textures, and forms found in nature. Complexity and symmetry are magnified, emphasizing the fantastic diversity of nature. Sacred Circle evokes the artist's sense of awe, and immerses viewers in layers of detail that they can explore and reflect upon.

“Cutting the stone” 11’54. Juliana Canal (Colombia)
Cutting the Stone is the name of one of the pieces of Dutch early renaissance master Hieronymus Bosch, it portrays a rather odd scene in which a folly man is undergoing some kind of “medical” trepanation procedure by a medicine man who wears a funnel for a hat, from the head of the folly the man extracts the bulb of a flower, this bulb is the stone of madness; the cause of the patients mental illness.
In medieval times a person could be treated as a folly for having a behavior that escaped from the norm, usually due to one of these three reasons: One: for having severe psychiatric problems. Two, for being a buffoon, one who entertains people usually because, is either mentally or physically handicapped or Three: for being madly in love, allowing oneself to be carried by sexual desire or lust. There for this medieval theme can be interpreted in two different ways: that the extraction of the stone of madness is a medical procedure intending to cure or cause wellness to a patient that suffers from a type of mental illness such as migraine, epilepsy or tumor, and that the extraction of the stone is the reinstatement to society of a man that is prey of love and lust depriving him from his sexual desire, even by means of castration.


2015/09/20      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.

“Satori” 1’33’21. Erica Schreiner (USA)
Two years in the making, Satori is a feature film/video art piece created entirely by video & performance artist, Erica Schreiner. Erica wrote the script, did all of the camera work, performed Satori, & edited the footage entirely by herself, all in her apartment. She shot everything on a VHS camera.
Surreal, symbolic, sophisticated & philosophical, Satori is the story of the artist.
Nightly, Satori gives birth to eggs and sells them in order to make enough money to survive so she can continue to make art. Satori becomes worn out and conflicted with this act of selling part of herself and discusses this among other topics: the money system, the effort to sell one’s art, the purpose of one’s life, meaning in the Universe, dreams, sensation, depression, reality, and the many aspects of being an artist with her friends: An encouraging unicorn, the all-knowing goddess, Isis, and a very disagreeable Beta fish. Together they help Satori find a way into the Universe where she goes in search of meaning and answers about her current existence as an artist.


2015/09/21      17:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

“No more” 15’46. Mairéad McClean (UK)
Taken from TV transmissions around the 1971/’72 period when my father was in prisoned without trial, memories of the past are re-viewed and re-played.

“Minotaur” 05’15. Emy Bulloch (Grecia)
The myth of Minotaur given allegorically. .A master narrator gives voice to Minotaur as he describes the heavy price that ancient Athens had to pay: the annual sacrifice of some of its youth, here en-boded by a mouse in the Maze. Ultimately, these kids symbolize the dreams of tomorrow that all of us have and are sacrificed in the alter of the altar of a false justice, that is reality.

“AmericaAntiAmerica” 03’44. Neil Needleman (USA)
A short, light philosophical video that asks questions about the meaning and power of imagery, and the nature of patriotic (and anti-patriotic) acts. It asks the questions, but it's up to you to answer them.

“It’s not you, it’s me” 03’24. Silvia Prietov (Colombia)
Humankind makes its way to an irremediable end: Through a sequence of different representative social archetypes we see how selfishness rules these individuals' lives so strongly that they can communicate with each other using little more than 'me', 'myself', and 'mine'.

“The shadow of your smile” 03’05. Alexei Dmitriev (Rusia)
The shadow of your smile, when you are gone.
A teardrop kissed your lips and so did I

“Disturbtion” 05’53. Marcin Ciszek (UK)
Disturbtion is a visual exploration of a theme of psychic abilities. It is a story of a real person disturbed by psychic abilities such as capability to talk to spirits, visionary dreams and future telling. This project aims to express problem of a person who has been given psychic abilities which are commonly and wrongly associated with anxiety. Disturbtion also focuses on a phenomenon which causes one to feel different, isolated and confused.

“Kambodscha” 10’27. Pawel Szostak (Austria)
"Kambodscha" is a short film about language and different modes of communication. Based on a story about my two uncles, who used only the word "Kambodscha" to communicate with each other, I explore the difference between Languages and Sandwiches. (Pawel Szostak)

“A film about McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and a little shit” 06’23. Anoushirvan Masoudi (Iran)
A short experimental film about a sexy girl who drinks Coca-Cola,eat McDonald's Burger and make a shit.

“Land” 03’42. Masanobu Hiraoka (Japón)
Abstraction and metamorphoses.

“Kintsugi” 04’30. Apotropia (Italia)
Kintsugi, which means "repairing with gold", is the japanese technique of mending broken ceramics with gold filled resin.
Every repaired ceramics has a unique and irreplicable pattern of golden lines due to randomness of the crushing.
This technique has its roots in the belief that the object is more valuable and beautiful with its history revealed.
Bodies also tell us their story. Some of them say it loud.

“Psycho porky” 03’20. Jaime Cleeland (UK)
Filmed in Bangor, Wales. Is Psycho Porky a nightmare vision? This film waves a battered flag that all fans of underground film will rally to.

“Five days of my life” 08’56. Giorgos Sioras (Grecia)
A surrealistic journey through five different stages of one self internal maturation. The main characters of the film interact in a symbolic way with each other, starting from their childhood dealing with their sexuality and driven to the inevitable fate of their existance.

“Interface” 02’28. Mel Hsieh (Taiwan)
Digital media is like a transparent thin layer of skin; it shields our notion of self, and also the ability to transform and change. "iNTERFACE" is an experimental film about a self-portrait made of assemblages and investigates co-existing multiple digital identities. "The best interface is no interface."


2015/09/21      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

“Holy water” 01’49. Ilhami Tunç Gençer (Turquía)
For Jean Genet.

“The stream 5” 05’40. Hiroya Sakurai (Japón)
This work is a ballet using the sound and the movement of waterweeds and water. With the waterway as the theater, I filmed the choreography of waterweeds that flows in the water.
In the man-made waterways of rice paddies, the water in nature must follow artificial rules. In that way, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. The theme of this work is the liveliness of the water as it follows the man-made course.

“Hema” 05’11. Ashley George (USA)
This particular work shines a positive light on the female body and the magical element within. Focusing on the intimate ritual of menstruation, Hema presents a fascination with blood and body through the eyes of a queer woman.

“Trailer study #16: A square and circle talking” 01’45. Brandon Doherty (USA)
A square and a circle talk about the conversion from analogue to digital.

“Cities potencial space 30’20. Gusztáv Hámos & Katja Pratschke (Alemania)
The city is unaware of stillness; it changes, perishes, emerges anew, always in a state of becoming. The possible can also be regarded as the reverse side of the necessary or actual. The shape which the city could have assumed, how the city will appear in the future – these are the aspects we explore in our project. We investigate urban visions and city models, spatial and temporal passages, borderlines, places of transition and thresholds.

“Living in the medium” 29’40. Sally Cloninger (USA)
Living in the Medium is an experimental nonfiction film inspired by the Taos art colony of the 1920s that investigates time, mortality, creativity and friendship. In 1983, a group of artists playfully create the D.H. Lawrence home movies (starring the Lawrences, Georgia O’Keefe, Mabel Dodge Luhan, and Dorothy Brett). 30 years later the “actors” and the filmmaker reconsider this event, and the impact of life changes on their work and on their ideas about the future. The constructed landscape of the American west was created in Washington, Nevada, California, and New Mexico. Formats include S-8, 16mm, stop motion animation, and HD live action.

“Smart dress is absolutely essential” 07’43. Slawomir Milewski (Polonia)
Film is a sketch to larger film project.


2015/09/22      10:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.

Workshop de Slawomir Milewski.


2015/09/22      20:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.

“Re:cycled” 05’23. James Pomeroy (Canadá)
An abstract hand-made film that is part structuralist inquiry into the film print as material object instead of information bearer. Film was made by reusing/recycling/reworking bits of film prints that are usually never seen such as lab markers, countdowns, negative and black and clear leader. In part, the film is an essay in visual music - a basic vocabulary is established and subjected to various permutations - structured using repetition, and variation and symmetry - palindromes and mirroring.

“The first engine” 06’31. Ian Campbell (Canadá)
At the dawn of the 20th century the horse was supplanted by a new means of power. This new invention is making itself known across the prairies of North America. Soon it will make it's presence felt in a most radical way.

“Cryptid” 04’44. Areum Han (India)
Areum comes across a door in the forest, which leads to the dark side within herself. Always curious about the darkness of human nature, she walks deeper and deeper into the shadowy world.

“The life and times of Thomas Thumb Jr.” 11’55. Ryan Fox (USA)
Thomas Thumb Jr. is unlike any other man. He has a giant thumb for a head and he'll do whatever it takes to achieve the American Dream.

“The milky way” 05’15. Ryuto Kondoa (Japón)
In this movie, a man is digging hole or looking for something.
This movie is my portrait myself.

“Just a tiny crappy dream” 02’51. Davide Minotti (Italia)
Dreams are the only place where emotions can be erased without repercussions, even love. A man envisions the conflicts in his own love affair, until he wakes up and life starts over. As always, the presumed truth in dreams must go under.

“Please listen!” 03’33. Natalia Alfutova (Rusia)
This short film is the audio-visual experiment based on the poem "Please Listen" by the great Russian-Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poem is read by the poet himself (record of 1915) and by the automatic voice of the Google-translator.
The Dummy and its mirror-reflection are in the waiting room of God. They mimic the talk of a Human and the God and dancing.
The idea is that there is such a force of love when a human is ready to ask the God even to light a star on the sky. But the human doesn't confess that it's for the sake of the beloved one and he lies. And in front of such Love the God demonstrates whole the power of his greatness and generosity, so that even a Dummy can feel the depth of human's experience.
The dance of the Dummy is the vogue hands-performance which is based on the narcissism idea. So the Dummy and its reflection dance the vogue-performance until the moment when the mirror turns out. That moment the Dummy notices the world around it and starts breathing.

“Die taucherin” 13’30. Heiko Aufdernauer (Alemania)
A shark man, a psychiatrist, and a woman in a diving suit are looking for love.
The Sea of Love is in danger. A shark man and a mermaid embark on a quest to find the Lady Diver. However, since the Diver's ex-boyfriend left her three years ago, she has not shown any interest in men. Her mother keeps trying to set her up with someone new, but so far her efforts are in vain. Will the strange tasks her psychiatrist keeps assigning her help out? Will she find a happy ending? A fairy-tale story of searching and being found again.

“Within skin” 07’58. Katie Urban (USA)
Within Skin addresses memory, trauma and the way they manifest in the body. The piece is structured like a dream with loosely related images blending into one another to form a psychological allegory. As the imagery and sound become more charged, the dream shifts into a nightmare and an atmosphere of tension, distress and anxiety take over.

“Resurrection” 09’38. Camille Grenier (USA)
We are living in a society that over-stimulates our senses with fear, torture, violence, and even our idolization of beauty. People begin to block things out, only noticing and feeling when something lands right in front of them. We basically have to trip over something to notice that it is even there. We have begun breeding out the sensitivities in our children by succumbing to this plain existence. What Noelle strives to do with “Resurrection” and all her art, is to become a speed bump that slows the viewer down. For one moment she would like people to feel something that is not of themselves; to react, to hate, to love. She is questioning their ideals of what is beautiful and what is ugly. She tends to use symbolism that is easily recognizable and morph it into something else. By doing this performance again, Noelle is hoping to reverse a person’s initial perception of what they are seeing. Instead of assuming they already know what their looking at and moving on, they must actually analyze and perceive what is there in front of them to fully grasp the idea. That is also why this performance is slow and ritualistic as it is a statement on slowing down and enjoying whatever sensation you are feeling at this moment. She hopes that people will react to this experience and start embracing the moment in their own lives.


2015/09/23      10:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.
Workshop de Slawomir Milewski.


2015/09/23      20:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.

Slawomir Milewski, (Polonia), retrospectiva y cineforum


2015/09/24      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.

“Eau de là” 08’56. Jean Bonichon (Francia)
The video is a poetic and derisory route of a water carrier throughout the territory which links the Mediterranean Sea to theThau’s pond.

“Antiprism” 03’31. Guillaume Vallée (Canadá)
Found fortage from a Super8 roll - a woman walking on a dock - the film's being destroyed by decay and chemical intervention, then put on a VHS tape and manipulated live in a modified VCR.
Ephemeral state of matter.

“#CABD22” 02’08. Charlie Mars (Francia)
Breathing and movement around a yellow presence.

“Looking for Gromit” 02’43. Marie Duval (Francia)
140 years after to be created, hundred fountains Wallace are disseminated in Paris…

“The last round” 06’33. Marie-Hélène Panisset (Canadá)
Left to rot by patriarchy in a puddle of green jelly, Eros and Thanatos have been engaged in a ruthless battle since the beginning of time. The film uses dance to illustrate an inner struggle between opposing forces that lies within us, immersed in a setting that borrows from the worse of macho pop culture – jelly wrestling - to better subvert it in a process of empowerment.

“Free now” 11’20. Pierre Liebaert (Bélgica)
The models who replied to his ad wanted to pose in the intimacy of closed doors, as if this face to face with the photographer whom they knew nothing about was the one thing they had been waiting for.

“Song Nº23” 05’18. Céline Trouillet (Francia)
Marianne Queval, who was voted Deaf Miss France and runner up for Deaf Miss World in 2013, performs "Il me dit que je suis belle" (He Tells Me I'm Beautiful) by Patricia Kaas, a song about women's desire to believe in men's flattery. The deaf beauty pageant parallels the regular competition but does not benefit from the same media profile.

“Horsefish” 01’36. Olivia Accardo (USA)
A short mixed medium stop motion animation about an electrical storm and how it effects a horse, and also a fish.

“Palatka” 07’57. Clara Wieck (Alemania)
Observations between summer and war, the Ukraine and the Crimea. A fairy tale without a fairy. "Palatka" tells the story of Andrej, a war resister with the ability to turn into a tree.

“1+1= una mas” 06’51. Diego Fiori & Olga Pohankova (Austria)
1+1=UNA MÁS moves from logical space to the logic of the space. What we usually perceive as the horizon line is rotated by 180°, breaking and short-circuiting the image vertically. This interior and horizontal splitting has the effect of creating, as a result, a sense of exterior, multiplicative doubling. It takes its inspiration from the way sound waves spread when a perfect octave, or diapason, of two musical notes are played. Our work short-circuits the unfolding narrative of time, by cleaving the image and multiplying the significance, which crates an ambiguous game, where one feels oneself almost observed. "By reversing the fruition, the work observes you.", claimed Italian painter and sculptor Fausto Melotti, whose abstract output aspired the strict musical principles of rhythm, harmony and counterpoint. This symbolic audio-visual short-circuit demands a kind of questioning "habits" of the eye and ear. The conceptual approach of seeing oneself seeing, of hearing oneself speaking - an elementary projection into something else - is denied in favour of the imaginary function in order to re-examine what seems to be immutable: the sense of truth and the truth of the sense.

“Insert( )n” 07’24. Christopher Kelley (USA)
Vesper is like every other high school American girl. She's supposed to be prom queen, but her red-blooded stud of a boyfriend won't return her calls.

“Fat boy” 01’57. Max Tullio (USA)
A personal essay documentary on the struggles, and feelings associated with being an overweight teen.


“Anywhere but here” 13’34. Shubhangi Singh (India)
Anywhere But Here explores the meaning of home while attempting to break away from the romantic nostalgia that nests within it's traditional definitions. In this process, the piece attempts to derive at newer and perhaps more complex understanding of an abode; in relation with one's own forever-in-transition identity.
The work also questions accumulation, cycles of desire and consequences of abundance.


2015/09/27      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
Sarean. Plaza Corazón de María, 4. Bilbao.
Performance de cine expandido.

“Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed” 1’05’00. 1926 Lotte Reiniger (Alemania), con música en directo de Vril.


2015/09/28      19:00 h. dohainik gratis.
BilbaoArte. Urazurrutia, 32. Bilbao.
Finalistas Bideodromo 2015.


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Hanky Code: Los Angeles Premiere @ LAST Projects Gallery on Hollywood Blvd
to Sep 18

Hanky Code: Los Angeles Premiere @ LAST Projects Gallery on Hollywood Blvd


Hanky Code: Los Angeles Premiere at LAST Projects Gallery on Hollywood Blvd, site of much 1970's seminal queer history including L.A's first gay pride parade and adjacent to Rick Castro's legendary queer fetish gallery Antebellum.

Filmmaker and Producer Gentry McShane in attendance. 

Before Internet dating and hookup apps, The Handkerchief code was largely used by gay men in the 1970’s to distinguish sexual preferences and fetishes in gay clubs and on the streets of places like San Francisco and New York. In Hanky Code: The Movie, Periwinkle Cinema, San Francisco’s queer experimental film collective brings Queer and Trans* filmmakers across a spectrum of genres, styles, genders, and locations to dissect the code in this epic anthology feature comprised of 25 short films! Each filmmaker or filmmaking team tells a story of a different color/fetish of the code. Films range from narrative to experimental to erotic and animated, with many films redefining the traditional code with colors, patterns, and fetishes up to creative interpretation of the artist.

Films Include: 
Credit sequence by Lisa Ganser
Black - Flagging Black by Ivy Dykes
Grey- Grey Is For Bondage by Lorin Murphy
Light Blue, White Stripes by Lex Non Scripta
Blue Silver by Marie Walz
Light Blue by Ricky Lee
Teal Blue by Kolmel W Love and Alex Albers
Red by Caitlin Rose Sweet and André Azevedo
Maroon- HEMA by Ashley Monique George
Rose by Ilona Berger
Magenta by Gentry McShane
Purple by Anatomically Incorrect Doll and Char Vortryss
Lavender- L is For Lavender by Margarita Femmeinista
Yellow- Pee Colored by Katie Bush
Pale Yellow- Spit by Malic Amalya and Nathan Hill
Gold- 2 looking for 1 by Jamie Evelyn Manzi
Orange- Anything Goes by Stéphane Gérard
Apricot- Apricot 4 Apricot by Courtney Trouble
Lime- grrrl with the most cake by Jacqueline Mary and Violette Dentata
White Fur by Neve Be and Nikki Silver
Fur by M. O'Herlihy
Grey Flannel by Austin Boe
Silver Sequins- Flagging 4 Fashion by Moon Ray Ra
Kleenex by Kico Le Strange
Houndstooth- Mouth Wide Open by Siobhan Aluvalot
Indigenous Luvvv by Demian DinéYazhi
Theme song by Nomy Lamm

$5-10 Suggested Donation NOTAFLOF
2nd floor gallery, accessible by stairs only

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2:00 PM14:00

FILM SCREENING: multiple works by Ashley (at ROXIE THEATER) - JUNE 20th 2PM

Please come and watch my films with me. I will be showing LUMA, HEMA and a special film PEEL (for my Father). 

RSVP REQUIRED by emailing triplegemmy@gmail.com 


LUMA (2014, California)
An audio-visual reconstruction of my dreams in the year 2011, Luma acts as my own personal, experimental method of meditation on film. A story of transformation from dependent female to independent female, this work documents a woman's journey towards finding herself while exploring themes of rebirth, reflection and out-of-body experience.

HEMA (2015, New York)
This particular work shines a positive light on the female body and the magical element within. Focusing on the intimate ritual of menstruation, Hema presents a fascination with blood and body through the eyes of a queer woman.



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2:30 PM14:30

COLLECTIVE GAZE @ ATA - Multiple Works by Local Artists


Join us at ATA for a night of short films produced by artists who at one point past or present called San Francisco home.  Many still live in San Francisco, some have ventured elsewhere… and on June 18th  we’ll bring our work together for one special night to weave multiple stories, genres, visions and experiences into one hybrid filmic body.

Presenting work by:











Refreshments will be served!

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to Apr 18

San Francisco UNDERGROUND Short Film Festival


The 2015 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival
With your hosts Peaches Christ & Sam Sharkey

Special Guest Appearance by CARLETTA SUE KAY (Program 2)

Friday, April 17th at The Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street, San Francisco CA 94103


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