Ashley is a director and producer based in New York, New York. She began making films in 2009 when she joined San Francisco film collective Scary Cow and has worked in casting, directing and producing films, commercials and music videos in SF, LA and NYC. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and The New School (NYC) with a Master of Arts in Media Studies.  

Recent films include experimental shorts LUMA, HEMA, HEAL/HEEL and 2017's SOMETIMES, FOREVER. She is currently writing her first feature screenplay about a young woman's attempt to reconnect with a distant father living with Altzheimer's. As producer, in 2017 she's recently wrapped production on several short films and web series including Martha Williams' comedy web series RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, Julia Ngeow's existential comedy EUDAEMONIA, Alle Hsu's Asian-American drama OUR WAY HOME, Alexandria Collin’s sci-fi EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, John Michael Kennedy's sci-fi COMPLIANCE, and Heidi Hartwig & Isabella Mehiel's queer thriller DISFORIA. She's now editing her most recent directed work EX VOTO, a female revenge film shot in Mexico City, and is producing many projects with friends in New York.  Her work has screened at festivals such as Outfest in LA, HBO's NewFest, East Village Queer Film Festival, Chain Film Festival, Picture Farm Film Festival, GLITCH Film Festival, New York No Limits' Queer Film Initiative, Bideodromo Experimental Film Festival, MIX NYC Experimental Queer Festival, National Queer Arts Festival, Santa Cruz Film Festival, and San Francisco's Roxie Theater and Castro Theater. 

When she's not working, studying or filming, she enjoys monitoring La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's sound and light installation Dream House in TriBeCa as well as volunteering with The Tank theater collective.  

If you would like to contact her for screenings and exhibitions, or to view her private videos online, please email AMGCINEMA@GMAIL.COM.